Presentations & Step-On Guides

Step-on guides for bus groups should be arranged in advance. For group rates call 414-379-3761 or email bayfieldtours@earthlink,net

Step-on guide services are available for Bayfield and vicinity. Groups must supply the bus.

Presentations: a storyteller/ historian will entertain you with tales of historic people who lived in Bayfield or ghostly apparitions that remain. "An Evening of Bayfield Ghosts" and "Letters from Bayfield" are available for parties, clubs, historic and school events. Programs can be between 15 and 50 minutes in length.

Sponsored in part by the Bayfield Chamber    

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  Suggested Sites to Visit:

  • Historic tours on foot or bus
  • Orchards and country markets
  • Scenic vistas and photo opportunities.
  • Historic museums
  • Picnics, berry picking, & beach combing
  • Artists, galleries and murals
  • Historic cemeteries and churches

   Call 414-379-3761