Tall Sails and Fish Tales

Walk along the lakeshore to hear maritime adventure stories on Lake Superior. Hear tales of lighthouses, shipwrecks, tragedy and treasure. Learn of narrow escapes on the lake and the people who survived them.

Gitchee Gumee-the "shining Big Sea water" was the "highway" for the Native people of the Apostle Islands and the reason for Bayfield's founding--find out why.

Come storms, gale-force winds, blizzards, cracking ice, what drove those courageous men and women to endure the hardships of wresting a livelihood from the sea?

 *Manistee Graphic courtesy of Robert Nelson, Bayfield

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Call (715)779-0299 or email bayfieldtours@earthlink.net. For more information see "Tickets".

  • Meet your guide in front of the Bayfield Chamber on Broad St. and Manypenny Ave. ten minutes before the start of the walk. The walk is about one mile and lasts about 80 minutes. Walking shoes recommended and camera welcome. See map.

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Sponsored in part by the Bayfield Chamber